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CRCT Practice Tests


How to Review, Prepare, and Succeed on the Georgia CRCT Assessments


Like many public schools across the nation, Georgia’s public schools are guided with formal assessments that thoroughly monitor each student’s performance and success.  Known as the CRCT, which stands for the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, the results from these assessments help school and state leaders to gain a greater awareness of each classroom’s most beneficial teaching strategies. 


Ultimately, with the CRCT performance data, educators assess not only each child’s comprehension and growth, but furthermore examine each teacher’s and school’s techniques that lead to greater student understanding and performance.


CRCT Practice


To help foster stronger study skills and comprehension prior to your child’s Georgia CRCT, parents can utilize inclusive preparation materials and resources. is an online resource that allows students to gain access to more than 1,000 review questions for each grade level.  As state law requires all public school students to complete their annual CRCT from 1st through 8th grade, parents can guide their child to improved performance and testing confidence with at home tools and review guides. 


CRCT Review Materials


As the CRCT assesses each child on the concepts and information that is specifically relevant to their grade level, each CRCT review package is similarly customized.  In examining a general scope of the Georgia CRCT subject areas, students can review and practice core concepts that include:


  • English / language arts (grades 1-8)

  • Mathematics (grades 1-8)

  • Science (grades 3-8)

  • Social studies (grades 3-8)


With questions and practice resources relevant for each grade’s subject area and curriculum standards, the program allows students to take advantage of two distinct study options:


  • Online Review and Practice – With online practice, students can digitally read and enter in their answers.  With this option, students are able to receive instant scoring and feedback.  Additionally, the online practice can instantly track and monitor each student’s progress.  Through these records, students can also review their performance history through various graphs and charts

  • Traditional (printed) Review and Practice – If students prefer the traditional testing practice, printed versions of the review materials can alternatively be accessed.  With the printed review materials, students can write their answers by hand and manually check their answers using the provided answer key

Benefits of CRCT Practice with

While general classroom instruction is designed to specifically prepare students for their Georgia CRCT, the resources provided by allow for optimal preparation benefits, including perks such as:

  • Comprehensive preparation with over 1,000 questions for each grade level

  • Practice questions based on the specific standards for each grade

  • Provides students with Standards Test Center Access

  • Immediate start-up capabilities to begin preparation instantly

  • Visual charts and graphs help monitor progress and results

  • Students are provided with data from the national percentile performances for personal comparison

  • Resources are compliant with the Federal No Child Left Behind Act

Standardized tests are often a source of anxiety for children, but by helping them to prepare for the CRCT, you can improve their self-confidence and ultimate performance. 

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